What Propellants Are Used in Gas Airsoft Guns?

 What Propellants Are Used in Gas Airsoft Guns?

Gas airsoft guns are becoming more and more popular across the U. S. For their realism, functionality, accuracy, and cost of operation, to name only a few of the countless reasons. The propellant used to fire this type of guns is a crucial aspect in their operation as well as their maintenance. A few of the most often used prop 38 super ammo  are 134A, green gas, and CO2.

The gas that should be used in any particular airsoft gun should be determined by more than one factor. First of all, the temperature in which the gun is being used can affect the gas pressure which in turn affects the gun’s firing power. Since one propellant may be appropriate in one temperature may be also be harmful to use in, say, a temperature that is 30 degrees Fahrenheit warmer, the fact that most gas type guns are designed for only one type of propellant is indeed a common problem.

As hot weather can cause gas to become too powerful, cold weather can render an airsoft gun useless. This is because the cold temperature reduces the gas pressure, which in turn disables the firing action since there’s no power behind the shot. Another problem that can occur in cold weather is the valve may remain open after taking a shot, which will let the rest of the gas seep.

So you should consider both the manufacturer’s suggested propellant as well as the temperature in which you plan to use in order to ensure the safe and proper operation of your airsoft gun. You want to avoid using a gas that is too powerful as it may damage some gun components.

134A is usually used in Japanese made gas guns, but there are some brands of other origins that use this gas as well. It can be used in temperatures anywhere above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, though a general rule of thumb is to upgrade to green gas when the gun begins to misfire.

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