All About Stun Gun Types

All About Stun Gun Types

The basic premise about stun guns is that they are a powerful personal protection device that delivers a disabling electric shock to your attacker. Stun guns will temporarily disable an attacker by interrupting the body’s electric circuit between the brain and the muscles. He will become rigid, or may fall to the ground. For several minutes 38 special ammo , he will be confused and disoriented, allowing you to run to safety. The effects about stun guns, while extremely powerful, are not permanent. The attacker will recover, but you will have been given the opportunity to escape.

Modern design has brought about stun gun change, and they are generally small enough to fit within the palm of your hand, making them highly concealable, yet can deliver up to one million volts of electricity. Except for specially designed stun guns, most of them look like an innocuous pager or Blackberry.

When you research about stun guns, you will find they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but not all of them are legal in every state. Check your local laws about stun guns and general weapons regulations before deciding upon the style of stun gun you would like to purchase.

Runts :

As their name implies, these tiny safety devices are only about three inches long. However, learning about the stun guns reveals that they deliver a mighty shock and are small enough to be carried in a pocket. These compact stun guns are ideal for people on the go who want an effective personal protection device without being burdened by having to conceal a large instrument.

Cell Phone Stun Guns :

These devices are cleverly disguised to look just like a typical cellular phone. They do not have any working capabilities as such, but carrying this weapon brings about stun guns that can deliver a knock-down blow to your attacker. Newer cell phone stun guns are rechargeable and only need to be plugged into any wall outlet.

Stun Flashlights :

These compact devices are useful as a flashlight, yet can be turned against a would-be attacker in an instant. Many combine an alarm feature with the ability to stun, for a double layer of protection. Carrying about stun guns with you, whether at night or day, gives you powerful volts of protection.

Stun Pens :

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