When Is the Best Time to Companies Willing to Donate Raffle Prizes?

Raffle baskets are an excellent option for non-profit organizations that would like to sell a lot of raffle tickets and make money easily from the event they are fundraising for companies willing to donate raffle prizes.

If you choose to sell baskets for auction in an auction’s silent auction or allow them to go to Chinese Auction raffles using raffle baskets and tickets they’ll certainly provide the most value for money.

In addition, if you collaborate directly with sponsors, donors and other suppliers, you can efficiently procure raffle baskets for very little cost, letting more money to be directed towards your cause and the goals you have set.

One of the most challenging aspects of holding a fund-raising event for a charitable cause is figuring out which raffle items are going to be raffled off to guests and boost the sale of raffle tickets. It is best to study the attendees you have invited and study the past auctions and raffle items of curiosity to identify the items that they have been known to purchase.

We’ve put together 20 suggestions that are guaranteed for putting together raffle baskets regardless of budget. These ideas will attract attention and increase the chances of a successful event. This guide will help get your imagination flowing!

Best Raffle Basket Ideas:

Here are some of the most efficient hampers to raffle in the companies willing to donate raffle prizes. Make sure that you pair them with a thought-out auction plan to increase the chances of success for your event.

Travel Package Basket

The travel baskets are a must-have element of every event that’s top-of-the-line. and, luckily, they can be adapted to raffle baskets. All you must do to make the ideal travel basket is to:

An assortment of tickets for travel.

Accommodations Certificate

Tickets for the local attraction, to go on a sightseeing

images and various other objects which can be used to create an appearance to a promotional!

They’re also excellent for promoting events or coverage prior to events because they’ll attract precisely the right kind of guests.

Ticket Basket

A different basket of raffle tickets that’s large ticket is the basket with tickets. While many fundraising events only offer tickets for one sporting event It could be enjoyable to boost the stakes by combining all tickets you’ve donated.

This could help in influence bids, particularly when you consider the important events (aka The Superbowl and the US Open) sharing a bid number.

Membership Basket

The baskets for membership are perfect for school functions or those made for parents with small children. They’re usually simple to pack since non-profit organizations generally offer a variety of membership options available to select from.

Be sure to include the following items that are popular among participants in your basket for raffles:

Museums Local or regional


Bicycle share program

Meal service plans

Gyms, exercise classes and fitness programs

Classes in art or an art club

With a range of choices, this basket is perfect for people who don’t want to be bored with their prize selections.

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